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Privacy Policy

How are we using the information of our customers on this website?

This is an informative website and customers have to share their details to avail of our services. We understand the importance of privacy for the customer. Hence, we make every possible effort from our end to keep the information of the customers safe on this website. by using our website, you agree to our policies and conditions mentioned on this website.

Everyone wants to use an application that is safe from multiple aspects. Customers frequently use this website to solve their problems with digital applications. Customers have to share the below-mentioned information with us to browse this website.

Personal information:

The most important thing that we require to provide services is personal information. This includes the name address and geographic location of the customer. Our website uses this information to keep records of the customers. This helps the website to recognize the user and provide related search results.

Contact details:

contact details of the customers include a phone number and email address. Our website uses the contact details of the customers to inform them about the status of their services.


Customers have to save our cookies file on their device for an uninterrupted browsing experience. These are small size files that get saved into the user’s device. We collect technical details like IP number, type of service provider, and previous searches made by the customers.

We basically use all this information of the customers for advertisement purposes. We do not share this information with another organization or within the parent company.

All this information is securely kept in our database. No person can access the files saved in the database. We use high-quality firewalls and data encryption technology to protect the information of the customers from unethical usage. Also, if customers are not satisfied with our Privacy Policy, then you can choose to quit using our services. You can do it simply from the application by removing our cookies file. Apart from this, customers can also contact our executives and ask them to remove the information from the database.